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Glue Dots International

Project Overview

The Glue Dots International (GDI) Addition added a roughly 70,000 square foot addition to their existing facility in Germantown, WI. The addition consisted of additional office space, racked storage, and a new production line to consolidate multiple manufacturing facilities under one roof.

Mared was awarded the contract for the HVAC portions of the office and warehouse, as well as the contract for the process piping in their new production area.

The GDI Addition was a design/build project that relied heavily on the Mared Engineering and BIM departments to design and coordinate the HVAC and process piping. Our designers were able to work closely with GDI as well as the other building trades to ensure that the manufacturing process was as efficient as possible while making sure it fit with other building infrastructure. GDI had very strict deadlines for project completion to ensure that they could meet their manufacturing quotas for the year – we were able to meet their deadlines without impacting their bottom line.

This project consisted of several highly specialized systems that required a high level of engineering and precision installation. The first challenge was designing a recirculating dust collection system for highly explosive dust that was safe for the building occupants. This was accomplished with a specialty suppression system at the dust collector that can react to any potential explosion within 2 milliseconds to protect the building occupants and the equipment. Another major hurdle was designing a process heating system that could meet the customers need to keep product at 350+ degrees during production and while pumping product from mixing to processing. This was overcome with a packaged thermal fluid boiler skid with redundant boilers and pumps that heated fluid to 375 degrees and circulated it around the mixing vessels, storage tanks, and interconnection piping.

Project Highlights

  • Design Build
  • Designed and Installed a New Process Piping System
  • New Rooftop Units for an Office, Warehouse, and Laboratory
  • New Boiler Plant for Process Heating
  • Full 3D Modeling and Coordination

Project Scope

  • (5) 25T RTU’s for the Warehouse
  • (1) 12.5T VAV RTU for the Office
  • (1) 20T RTU for the Laboratory
  • (1) 10,000 CFM 300+ KST Recirculating Dust Collector
  • (2) 3-millon BTU Thermal Fluid Boilers on Manufacturing Skid
  • 550+ feet of Thermal Fluid Pipe Jacketing
  • 120+ Process Valves
  • 11 Process Pumps
  • 6400+ Accident Free Filed Hours