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Sheet Metal Department

One of Mared’s most established divisions is sheet metal. We have a fully functioning union sheet metal shop that fabricates ductwork for many of our jobs. The ability to fabricate ductwork in-house allows for our engineering department to work closely with the shop to devise specific solutions for our customer’s needs. Mared also has many union sheet metal workers on its field staff, with a vast array of project experience. Our sheet metal workers will often rely on the engineering department for direction to ensure that they do not conflict with the other MEP trades on site, but when an unforeseen problem arises that wasn’t accounted for in coordination, they’ll rely on years of experience to find a solution by themselves.

Our shop and field teams follow all SMACNA standards and have experience in many different areas of duct fabrication and installation, such as:

  • Transverse duct connections (TDC).
  • Slip and drive duct connections.
  • Stainless steel ductwork.
  • Specialty exhaust ductwork.
  • Kitchen exhaust ductwork i.e., grease duct.
  • Welded/black iron ductwork.

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