Energy Services

Energy StarOur goal at Mared Mechanical is to provide smart solutions to help our customers reduce their energy bills and lower their operating costs.  Our team of sales people, engineers and technicians strive to offer customers solutions that fit within their budgets and lower their energy bills.  Mechanical systems can account for 40-60% of a building’s utility cost.   Mared Mechanical can help building owners benchmark their building against other similar buildings in their industry therefore determining if an opportunity exists to improve building efficiency and lower operating costs.   Those improvements can include temperature control upgrades, higher efficiency heating and cooling equipment, retrofit of existing heating and cooling systems, or retro-commissioning of existing systems to allow for them to function at their very best. 

We have also helped our customers with renewable energy solutions like solar hot water heaters to reduce domestic water energy costs in a building, along with helping customers lower their water usage in buildings through innovative new plumbing fixtures and new technology water valves.