Temperature Controls/Electrical

An HVAC systems weakest link can be made into its strongest by designing and implementing an effective temperature control system.   At Mared Mechanical we take pride in understanding the needs of the HVAC system when designing the proper temperature control system.  We have designed and installed pneumatic, electric and direct digital control (DDC) systems in many types of buildings.  Our engineers and technicians are experienced with many manufacturers such as Carrier, Honeywell, Invensys, Johnson Controls, Trane, and Invensys.

Whether the building requires a simple electric control system or a full Building Automation System (BAS), at Mared Mechanical we have the know-how to work with the client and develop a system that will be cost effective and provide for energy efficiency.

We also offer our clients a turnkey solution when the project requires electrical wiring.  Our in-house electricians can integrate seamlessly into our work flow to provide the necessary electrical support needed to provide a one stop shop for a building’s retrofit needs.